What Our Clients Say About Us!

Connie Manning

I am so in love with my kitten. His personality is adorable, very affectionate, and such a good boy. He slept the car ride when I picked him up and he even played fetch with me on his second night home. Healthy was extremely helpful throughout the entire process and available to answer questions at any time. I would encourage anyone who brings home one of Healthy kittens to lean on her when needed.Healthy was referred to me by a friend who told me a Devon will change your life. She was right. My little Prince Charming Oliver exceeded my dreams and I couldn't be happier.

Dorothy Linhart

We recently adopted a Devon Rex from Healthy and the whole process has been just wonderful. We flew from Vancouver to Toronto to pick the kitty up and the entire process (emailing back and forth, traveling,etc.) probably would have been a nightmare if it weren't for her incredible guidance and support. We ended up with the PERFECT cat after all of it and our entire family is so in love! Our kitty truly completes our family and we are over the moon with how he is with our 6 year old son. The kitty is so cuddly, playful, socialized, relaxed, and is the dream cat. The devon rex breed really is incredible. Worth every penny... our Turbo is priceless! Thank you Healthy!

Lois Failla

After losing my Siamese, I found Healthy Devon Rex through a friend. I reached out in the hopes of finding a Devon Rex that would be able to fill our hearts as much as my Siamese did. Not only did I find a wonderful kitten, he has the most amazing personality and is a one of a kind. Healthy Devon Rex disclosed everything to me from the kittens eating habits to the test results from the veterinarian. The kittens are very well-kept for and they all really do have wonderful personalities. They also have the parents on site. I highly recommend getting a kitten from Healthy Devon Rex Cattery, especially if you want a sweet, loving companion.

Leigh Williams

Healthy matched us with the perfect little boy! I originally was looking for an emotional support pet and Bartok has become that and so much more. He is so fun to have around the house weather we’re sitting on the couch, in the bath (His second favourite spot. HONEST), or sleeping, He is so incredibly cuddly and sweet. He can get rambunctious at times which is the cutest thing to see him jumping around or carrying our clothes from the hamper in his mouth and strewing them all over the house. I feel he is so emotionally in tune with me, whenever I’ve had a hard day, he just seems to know and comes and lays on my chest (his favorite spot, and where he is while I write this). He is such a perfect little character that fits into our home better than I could have ever expected. And thank you so much, Healthy!! We really do appreciate all the ongoing support you’ve given! It’s so great to have someone who knows what they’re doing just a call or message away!

Socorro Nau

Our experience with Roberts Devon Rex Cattery was amazing. Our beautiful boy Fillion is so sweet and the perfect addition to our family. Healthy was so supportive and wonderful to deal with. We have had Fil for almost a year now and we still keep in touch with Healthy. He loves to get updates on his fur babies!

Ethel Reynolds

Healthy really loves what he does and these furry little guys. We recently picked up a new cat from him and He has guided us through the process and is always there if we have any questions.Very knowledgeable breeder! Beautiful cats! Highly recommend Healthy!

Ann Mabry

Love our baby!! He wouldn’t be with us with out Healthy!We couldn't be happier with our experience getting a devon rex from Healthy. He is so friendly and helpful, and our little kitty is the most beautiful, personable, loving cat we've ever met. Thanks Healthy!!

Stanley Anton

We couldn't be happier with our experience getting a devon rex from Healthy. He is so friendly and helpful, and our little kitty is the most beautiful, personable, loving cat we've ever met. Thanks Healthy!!

Sarah Smith

I knew I wanted a Kitten, but it was so hard to research so many options and breeders and then contact each one. It was disheartening. Then I found Healthy and it was so easy that I could communicate with him for many adorable kittens from one place.


Healthy Devon Rex Kitten provided supportive and professional Kitten sales. All our questions and concerns were responded to the same day or at the latest in the next day, pending the breeders response. We really enjoyed the process and are considering buying a second kittens.

Amy M

There have been some conversations with your customer care team. Everything was good and informative.

Siyanda S

We had an amazing experience with Healthy Devon Rex Kitten and their breeding! Our Kitten is well socialized, very good with children and full of personality! We will definitely buy another Kitten from Healthy Devon Rex Kitten at some point in the future.

Cindy Lowan

Healthy Devon Rex Kitten is an amazing cattery! We bought a beautiful Kitten - Dora. She is a little Devon Rex Kitten. She follows us from room to room and is amazing with my 2 boys. We love her so much! Their fur is as soft as silk. Everything Healthy Devon Rex Kitten said agreed with Dora! I would buy another one from here in the future and tell others about it too!

Van D & Gwen

We were impressed with Healthy knowledge and professionalism and found him a pleasure to deal with. Our little boy is well adjusted, healthy, social and very cute !! We give our highest recommendations.